The Passing of a Mentor: John Outterbridge

I was pleased to see that the New York Times paused in it’s otherwise non-stop cheerleading for Apartheid Israel long enough to note the passing of one of LA’s most important artists and cultural leaders: John Outterbridge.

While I didn’t know John well enough to call him a friend, he was certainly a mentor of mine, and he showed at LA’s legendary Brockman Gallery. He was easily as important an artist as Ed Kienholz, although John lived, worked and walked through LA’s less glamorous neighborhoods. I’d occasionally be lucky enough to have diner with him at Lyn Kienholz’s table, and he’d always carry himself with a kind, knowing humility befitting an artist.

If you are unfamiliar with John Outterbridge, I urge you to begin your discovery by reading Jori Finkel’s obituary: